◆flex001 As-Is earphone re-cable - all 16 types


 The flex001 As-Is is the successor to the highly successful flex001SE, the entry-level BriseAuido cable. The original BriseAudio wire material (high purity and high performance copper) is retained, and the plug and connector are specially developed for the As-Is series.The result is a more subtle and clearer sound.
The cable slider is now made of wood, as was the case with the previous model.
With flex001 As-Is, we offer you a very large choice of options for use in more environments.
On the earphone side, CIEM2pin, MMCX, A2DC, IPX are supported.
On the player output side, L-type 4.4mm, 2.5mm, 3-pole 3.5mm and 4-pole 3.5mm are available.


【Original plug for As-Is 

The original plugs developed for the As-Is series are designed for ease of use and without sacrificing sound quality. Both L-shaped and straight plugs are available to meet a variety of needs.
The straight plug is only available in the official store.



【 Product lineup 】

flex001 As-Is L-shape 5poleΦ4.4mm plug-MMCX MNP:fx001AMX544L
flex001 As-Is L-shape 4poleΦ2.5mm plug-MMCX MNP:fx001AMX425L
flex001 As-Is L-shape 3poleΦ3.5mm plug-MMCX MNP:fx001AMX335L
flex001 As-Is L-shape 4poleΦ3.5mm plug-MMCX MNP:fx001AMX435L

flex001 As-Is L-shape 5poleΦ4.4mm plug-2pin MNP:fx001A2P544L
flex001 As-Is L-shape 4poleΦ2.5mm plug-2pin MNP:fx001A2P425L
flex001 As-Is L-shape 3poleΦ3.5mm plug-2pin MNP:fx001A2P335L
flex001 As-Is L-shape 4poleΦ3.5mm plug-2pin MNP:fx001A2P435L

flex001 As-Is L-shape 5poleΦ4.4mm plug-IPX MNP:fx001AFE544L
flex001 As-Is L-shape 4poleΦ2.5mm plug-IPX MNP:fx001AFE425L
flex001 As-Is L-shape 3poleΦ3.5mm plug-IPX MNP:fx001AFE335L
flex001 As-Is L-shape 4poleΦ3.5mm plug-IPX MNP:fx001AFE435L

flex001 As-Is L-shape 5poleΦ4.4mm plug-A2DC MNP:fx001AAD544L
flex001 As-Is L-shape 4poleΦ2.5mm plug-A2DC MNP:fx001AAD425L
flex001 As-Is L-shape 3poleΦ3.5mm plug-A2DC MNP:fx001AAD335L
flex001 As-Is L-shape 4poleΦ3.5mm plug-A2DC MNP:fx001AAD435L

・All cable lengths are 1.2 m (not including the plug)

NAME flex001 As-Is
Conductor High performance high SEpurity copper conductor
Conductor structure Quad Spiral
Special processing for sound quality None
 Insulation Special high functional resin
Terminal As-Is dedicated terminals

  ※In order to improve our products, we reserve the right to change specifications without notice. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.