Grade (portable audio)

《 Ultimate Grade 》
The Ultimate Series is developed to be the ultimate in each cable, without any compromise. These are constantly upgraded on a daily basis when necessary to achieve the ultimate. (It is possible to receive a free upgrade and a free cable refresh at the same time only once during the two-year warranty period.
《 Ref. Grade 》
This is a series that has been developed and perfected for the sound quality that BriseAudio aims for. This is a model that allows you to experience the dynamism and three-dimensionality of the mid-low range and the amount of information throughout the entire range. The higher the quality of the playback source and the equipment used, the greater the benefit.

《 Rh+ Grade 》
It is a grade that emphasizes the extension and sharpness of the wide range and the speed of the low range, and is suitable for computer music such as anime songs and EDM.

《 LE Grade 》
A new standard that effectively applies the construction that is the most important feature of BriseAudio's cable production. An upgraded cable that is easy to use in many environments.
《 Only Model number 》
This is the entry grade to enjoy BriseAudio's original wire material straight away.

Earphone Upgrade Cable

《 Ultimate Grade 》
 [New] YATONO-8wire Ultimate
▶ [New] YATONO Ultimate
《 Ref. Grade 》
[New] ASUHA Ref.2
▶ STR7 Ref.
▶ Octa14Ref. for JH-Audio 4pin
《 Rh+ Grade 》
▶ ASUHA Rh2+
▶ STR7 Rh2+
《 LE Grade 》

《 Only Model number 》
▶ flex001SE

《 Exclusive tuning cable 》
▶ BSEP for IE900

Conversion Cable

《 Ref. Grade 》

《 LE Grade 》

《 Only Model number 》

MiniMini Cable

《 Ultimate Grade 》
▶ [New]YATONO-MINI Ultimate
《 LE Grade 》

Headphone Upgrade Cable

《 Ultimate Grade 》
 [New] YATONO-HP Ultimate

《 Ref. Grade 》
[New]MIKUMARI Ref.2 -1.3m
▶ [New]MIKUMARI Ref.2 -2.5m

《 LE Grade 》
▶ MIKUMARI -1.3m
▶ MIKUMARI -2.5m
▶ TOTORI -1.3m
▶ TOTORI -2.5m
《 Exclusive Models 》
▶ BHP-USe11 for ULTRASONE edition11 1.3m
▶ BHP-USe11 for ULTRASONE edition11 2.5m
▶ BriseHP for MDR-M1ST 1.3m
▶ BriseHP for MDR-M1ST 2.5m

Portable Amplifier



 Custom-made cables can also be manufactured.To see some cable examples, click here.(Japanese Pages)

Pick up 

▶  YATONO-8wire Ultimate now available

This model is heavy and very uncomfortable to wear and handle, but it is a model that is overly focused on sound quality.

▶  New flagship YATONO-Ultimate now available

After a year and a half of development, we have created a cable that surpasses our iconic YATONO.

▶  Portable Amplifier TSURANAGI

It was developed as an evaluation device for the development of BriseAudio's high-end earphone cables and high-end portable line cables (mini-mini cables) in order to build an ideal portable audio environment.

▶ FlagshipBalanced mini-mini cable now available!

We have developed a top-of-the-line cable for portable audio to create a high-end portable environment.

 ▶ YATONO Rh2+get awards!

 We have received numerous national and international awards, including the VGP2020S Gold Award, VGP2021 Gold Award, and the 2020 Best Accessory Award from Headfonia, a major European review site.
[Headfonia review for YATONO Rh2+

▶ ASUHA's highest grade

This is the pinnacle of cables that use ASUHA wire material. It is unrivaled in its ability to reproduce a clear sound with well-defined contours while maintaining a wide range.
[Headfonia review for ASUHA Ref.2]

▶ The most maneuverable cables in BriseAudio history

A fusion of the best feel and high sound quality.

 ▶ Awarded Best Cable of 2019 in Headfonia.

This is the iconic BriseAudio cable, the cable that started the Ref. model.
STR7 Ref.
[Headfonia review for STR7 Ref.]