Grade (portable audio)

《 Ultimate Grade 》
The Ultimate Series is developed to be the ultimate in each cable, without any compromise. These are constantly upgraded on a daily basis when necessary to achieve the ultimate. (It is possible to receive a free upgrade and a free cable refresh at the same time only once during the two-year warranty period.
《 Ref. Grade 》
This is a series that has been developed and perfected for the sound quality that BriseAudio aims for. This is a model that allows you to experience the dynamism and three-dimensionality of the mid-low range and the amount of information throughout the entire range. The higher the quality of the playback source and the equipment used, the greater the benefit.

《 Rh+ Grade 》
It is a grade that emphasizes the extension and sharpness of the wide range and the speed of the low range, and is suitable for computer music such as anime songs and EDM.

《 LE Grade 》
A new standard that effectively applies the construction that is the most important feature of BriseAudio's cable production. An upgraded cable that is easy to use in many environments.
《 Only Model number 》
This is the entry grade to enjoy BriseAudio's original wire material straight away.

Special Grade

《 MURAKUMO Grade 》
We use the same know-how as our flagship home audio cables. All of BriseAudio's high sound quality construction is designed and applied to the entire surface of the cable according to the type of wire and the type of cable to be made. The result is a very thick and stiff cable that is not suitable for portable audio use, so it is only available in some products such as mini-mini cables. In exchange for the ultimate sound, these cables are stiff, difficult to use, and require a great deal of ability from the equipment used

《 IZANAGI Grade 》
The MURAKUMO grade is based on the same concept as the MURAKUMO grade, but is a balanced model that takes into account the pursuit of sound quality and use in a variety of environments. As with MURAKUMO, we spent a lot of cost to apply special processing to the entire surface of the cable, which makes the cable stiff and unsuitable for portable audio cables, so it is only available for some cables such as mini-mini cables. It is not suitable for portable audio cables.

Earphone Upgrade Cable

《 Ultimate Grade 》
▶ [New] YATONO Ultimate
《 Ref. Grade 》
[New] ASUHA Ref.2
▶ STR7 Ref.
▶ Octa14Ref. for JH-Audio 4pin
《 Rh+ Grade 》
▶ ASUHA Rh2+
▶ STR7 Rh2+
《 LE Grade 》

《 Only Model number 》
▶ flex001SE

Conversion Cable

《 Ref. Grade 》

《 LE Grade 》

《 Only Model number 》

MiniMini Cable

《 MURAKUMO Grade 》

《 IZANAGI Grade 》
《 LE Grade 》

Headphone Upgrade Cable

《 Ref. Grade 》
[New]MIKUMARI Ref.2 -1.3m
▶ [New]MIKUMARI Ref.2 -2.5m

《 LE Grade 》
▶ MIKUMARI -1.3m
▶ MIKUMARI -2.5m
▶ TOTORI -1.3m
▶ TOTORI -2.5m
《 Exclusive Models 》
▶ BHP-USe11 for ULTRASONE edition11 1.3m
▶ BHP-USe11 for ULTRASONE edition11 2.5m
▶ BriseHP for MDR-M1ST 1.3m
▶ BriseHP for MDR-M1ST 2.5m

Portable Amplifier



 Custom-made cables can also be manufactured.To see some cable examples, click here.(Japanese Pages)

Pick up 

▶  New flagship YATONO-Ultimate now available

After a year and a half of development, we have created a cable that surpasses our iconic YATONO.

▶  Portable Amplifier TSURANAGI

It was developed as an evaluation device for the development of BriseAudio's high-end earphone cables and high-end portable line cables (mini-mini cables) in order to build an ideal portable audio environment.

▶ Balanced mini-mini cable now available!

Portable amplifiers that support balanced connections, which require careful connection, are beginning to appear, and we developed this product to bring out the full potential of these amplifiers.

 ▶ YATONO Rh2+get awards!

 We have received numerous national and international awards, including the VGP2020S Gold Award, VGP2021 Gold Award, and the 2020 Best Accessory Award from Headfonia, a major European review site.
[Headfonia review for YATONO Rh2+

▶ ASUHA's highest grade

This is the pinnacle of cables that use ASUHA wire material. It is unrivaled in its ability to reproduce a clear sound with well-defined contours while maintaining a wide range.
[Headfonia review for ASUHA Ref.2]

 The most maneuverable cables in BriseAudio history

A fusion of the best feel and high sound quality.

 ▶ Awarded Best Cable of 2019 in Headfonia.

This is the iconic BriseAudio cable, the cable that started the Ref. model.
STR7 Ref.
[Headfonia review for STR7 Ref.]