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TSURANAGI after-sales service

(1) Upgrade to TSURANAGI-V2

In April 2024, we will start the upgrade service from TSURANAGI to TSURANAGI-V2.

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【Version Upgrade Details】

1. change gain
Change from conventional 10.5 dB to 4.5 dB. Gain is reduced by 6dB (gain is halved) and white noise is reduced.
Low-impedance, high-efficiency earphones are increasing in the market, and the gain has been optimized to meet their needs in terms of being a portable amplifier.
After the gain change, we have confirmed that headphones with a few hundred ohms can be sufficiently loud for today's players that can handle high output.

2. firmware update
Includes volume curve changes and other minor modifications.
In changing the volume curve, the adjustment range for the low volume range has been expanded. The maximum volume remains unchanged.
See below for detailed descriptions before and after the volume curve change.
TSURANAGI volume curve change

3. change to laser engraved case
As with TSURANAGI-SC, change to laser engraving.
Compared to conventional case printing, durability is greatly improved.
Printing on the case top panel has been changed to "TSURANAGI-V2" to distinguish it from conventional products.

Volume knob replacement is available as an option.
Volume knob replacement is available as an option.

The battery must be replaced with a new one due to its structure.

TSURANAGI-V2 will be launched as a successor model.

(2) Refresh Plan

We offer a refresh plan so that TSURANAGI can be used for a long time.

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【Refresh Plan Contents】

1. new case replacement
Refresh printing blurring, scratches on the case, etc.

2. new battery replacement
Due to the nature of batteries, the maximum capacity of the battery gradually decreases over time and is included in the service.

3. new volume knob replacement (optional)
The volume knob can also be replaced with a new one as an option.


Refresh Plan
  A: Without volume knob replacement: 35,000 yen including tax
  B: With volume knob replacement: 40,000 yen including tax

Version upgrade
  C: Without volume knob replacement: 55,000 yen including tax
  D: With volume knob replacement: 60,000 yen including tax

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