◆How do you choose a BriseAudio upgrade cable ?

 I've been told by some of our customers that BriseAudio's earphone cables are all black and difficult to tell the difference between.
We will explain the features and differences between the different models, as well as how to choose the right one.


【About the wire materials used】

BriseAudio cables for earphones are all originally designed by us.
We decide on the conductor material, wire thickness and bundling method according to the target sound and handling.
We decide on the insulation material and prepare a specification sheet.
We ask a reliable cable manufacturer in Japan to produce the cable according to the specifications.

 We are not particular about domestic production. If the product quality is high and the sound quality is what you are aiming for, we are not particular about the place of production. However, it is difficult to find a manufacturer that is capable of stable production according to the specifications.

【Product Assembly】

All BriseAudio cables are assembled in Japan.
This is for the same reason that BriseAudio cables are difficult to produce on a normal production line and require a lot of processing
As we have not been able to find a reliable supplier for production, we are currently assembling the products 100% in-house.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Why do you only have black cables?
A. After testing various insulators, we settled on the material, so all the cables are the same color. It is possible to color them, but we came to the conclusion that they should remain black.
Q. What is the material of the conductor? Do you use silver?
A. Special copper is used. We do not use any silver.

A customer asked me if the mid and high range extension is not copper after viewing. Are you using silver? However, the sound produced by using silver wire is different from the sound we are aiming for in BriseAudio.
So we have been developing the sound that is closer to the sound we are aiming for by using only copper. We would like to release other brands of cables using silver wire in the future.

At present, we have five types of original wire rods for upgrading cables for earphones.

UPG001(4wire, 8wire)
YATONO(4wire, 8wire)
Clicking on the above link will take you to a list of models using the same wire.


In addition, there are four different sub-grades available. 


The biggest feature of BriseAudio cables is that they don't end when you plug in the wire.
This is the point where the sound quality and expression are greatly improved by performing various post-processing to the cable.
These post-processing processes are completed by taking into account the characteristics of the wire and making specific adjustments to each piece of wire.
As for the plugs, we have also developed a number of plugs made of various materials to match the tone and sound quality.
Depending on them, there are currently four sub-grades with different directions, as shown below.
Ref. -grade
Rh+ -grade
LE -grade
standard -grade
※Clicking on the link above will take you to a list of models with the same subgrade as the subgrade details.

 BriseAudio's cable lineup consists of the above two items, cable types and sub-grades.

Currently, there are five types of wire materials used in earphone cables.


【 flex001 】List of cables using flex001 wire materials

 In the case of flex001 wire, we developed it as a special wire for entry cables.
Our cables are made of high-purity copper, which has a special crystal structure and purity similar to that of BriseAudio cables, including various upper-class cables.

The new design of the wire structure and configuration has greatly improved the handling.
Furthermore, by adopting a structure that is resistant to noise in principle and minimizing transmission loss
High resolution beyond its class, clear and lively sound quality and ease of handling are achieved.


【 NAOBI 】List of cables using NAOBI wire materials

NAOBI001 wire is BriseAudio original wire, newly developed for ease of use in various applications such as commuting to and from work, as well as for maximum sound quality.
Like other BriseAudio cables, it is made of high-purity, high-functionality copper with a special crystal structure.
It is the easiest to handle in the history of BriseAudio.
It is a masterpiece of earphone re-cabling material that we can confidently recommend for sound quality as well.



【 STR7 】List of cables using STR7 wire materials

 STR7 (Spiral77 structure) was developed for the ideal wire rod for portable audio.In order to achieve both without sacrificing sound quality and without sacrificing flexibility, this cable has been developed with our unique know-how and basic structure as shown in the diagram.
The conductors are made of high-performance, high-purity copper, into which the most advanced technology has been poured.In the 4-core structure, 196 strands are efficiently arranged in three dimensions to make them even more valuable in portable applications.
Sound quality tends to have a wide sound field and a wide soundstage.It tends to portray fine sounds with great care and does not lose substance while connecting the image with fine particles.The balance is a bit above the mid-low range, but we have balanced it so that it extends properly to the top.These are the basic wires of BriseAudio's earphone cables.



【 UPG001 】List of cables using UPG001 wire materials

 The first wire developed by BriseAudio for earphone rewires. We put the highest priority on sound quality and tried to create a wire that has never existed on the market. This is the UPG001. The sound quality is very massive and has a lot of information, and the thickness and range of the mid and low range are too much for an earphone cable. It is also used as a headphone cable.
However, UPG001 wire is very hard and difficult to handle.
I have to say that it has a big defect as an earphone cable.
Therefore, it was planned to end sales, but there are many voices that support the sound quality, and it continues to sell.



【 ASUHA 】List of cables using ASUHA wire materials

ASUHA wire is the result of the ingenuity of its structure to achieve higher sound quality without sacrificing handling, and by using an 8-core structure, we were able to obtain a satisfactory sound quality while reducing the sacrifice of handling. It tends to make the contours of the sound image clear, and is also very clear in the high and low ranges. The range is wide and tends to extend up and down. It has a good feel to it and makes for an enjoyable music experience. This is a rich wire with a high end atmosphere.



【 YATONO 】List of cables using YATONO wire materials

 We developed YATONO wire to create a flagship earphone cable that exceeds the sound quality of UPG001 and STR7 and inherits the essence of STR7 in terms of handling. The range is wide and the space is overwhelmingly wide. BriseAudio's YATONO wire has a solid position as one of our high-end cables. The YATONO wire extends the potential of high end earphones and players to the maximum.


There are four types of cable sub-grades


【Ref.-grade】Cable List

 By using our own processing and high quality parts for the wire, we are able to meet the needs of our customers
By condensing the know-how cultivated in the production of hi-fi cables, we have taken sound quality to the extreme and made it possible to create the highest possible quality sound
This is the model that completes the sound that BriseAudio is aiming for with each wire.


【Rh+-grade】Cable List

 By using our own processing and special parts for the wire, we are able to
The sharpness of the low frequency range and the extension of the mid and high frequency range, while extending basic performance.
Outline emphasis. The basic design is to create a sound to match the sound of an animated song, computer music or rock music.
Even for the same Rh+ grade, the construction details are different depending on the character of the wire material.




【LE-gade】Cable List

 There is not a predetermined sub-grade, but a cable that was given specific sound quality improvement to match the wire material used. It is mainly seasoned to add extra to the potential of the cable by giving light construction. This cable has been adjusted so that you can enjoy high quality sound in many system environments.


【Standard-grade】Cable List

 A standard model that brings out the true nature of the original wire.
Standard grade terminals are used without original processing for high sound quality.
This model allows you to enjoy BriseAudui's original wire material.
Using the same wire as these cables, Ref. and Rh+ models are made.


We review each of the upgrades for BriseAudio earbuds.

 Here's a brief review of the BriseAudio cables.
We've given each cable a rating based on the STR7SE. Please take a look at it for your reference in selecting the cable.

Description of each item in the review

Amount of information:  the total power of resolution and musical expression
Quietness:  The audible noise floor is low. Space quietness.
High:  total power, including high frequency extension and sharpness three-dimensional tonal expression.
Mid:  mainly fullness and depth of the vocal band. Overall strength, including expressiveness.
Low:  Total power including low frequency volume, tonal expression.
Soundstage:  total power, including sound reverberation, smoothness of rise and soundstage spread
Handling:  Physical cable softness and ease of handling.


■Product Name:flex001SE  【Click here for detailed product page】
■Wire:【 flex001 】  ■Sub-grade【 Standard 】
This is a comparatively flexible re-cable that inherits as much as possible the sound quality trend that was well-received by the UPG001 and was redesigned to deal with the problem of handling, which was frequently requested.
The low frequency range with a sense of volume beyond the scale in spite of the thin wire. It is characterized by a sound image that maintains a sense of bone structure.
Handling has been greatly improved compared to the UPG, and the wire attached to the ear has been omitted, making it more flexible.
When you store it, it is recommended to make it a big circle (same size as when you pack it) and store it because it is easy to attach the habit of the small turn to the cable if you roll it up into a case etc. as a point of caution when you store it.
I think that this is the best choice for various earphones, especially as a gateway to exchange from the genuine cable and balanced connection.
You can also fully enjoy the high degree of freshness that is the characteristic of Brise in general.

Evaluation of flex001SE

Amount of information【8】 Quietness【7】 High【8】 Mid【8】 Low【9】 Soundstage【6】 Handling【11】
 ※Each item is rated relative to STR7SE(10 points) as a standard. ※Click here for the criteria for each item.




■Product Name:NAOBI-LE  【Click here for detailed product page】
■Wire:【 NAOBI 】  ■Sub-grade【 LE 】
NAOBI-LE has adopted our newly developed original wire "NAOBI" in order to pursue usability for various purposes such as commuting to work and school and to ensure maximum sound quality. The 4.4mm, 2.5mm and 3.5mm plugs are our original "L" type connectors exclusively for LE grade, and we have reviewed and developed them from the materials in consideration of the sound quality we aim for.
We have adopted CNT (carbon nanotube), which has been tuned for audio and was jointly developed with a material manufacturer and a national research institute.
Original terminals such as 2-pin, MMCX and A2DC are used in consideration of sound quality.
One of the characteristics of the sound quality is that the sound field expands to the front, and the sound quality is very low.
Despite its size, it delivers a powerful and thick mid-high range. Newly designed original L-shaped plug is adopted for improved usability.
The Spiral 77 structure, which was developed for the STR7 series, has been combined with anti-vibration and CNT measures to create a new, well-defined sound field that is different from the previous series.

Evaluation of NAOBI-LE

Amount of information【11】 Quietness【11】 High【12】 Mid【11】 Low【9】 Soundstage【9】 Handling【15】
 ※Each item is rated relative to STR7SE(10 points) as a standard. ※Click here for the criteria for each item.




■Product Name:STR7SE  【Click here for detailed product page】
■Wire:【 STR7 】  ■Sub-grade【 Standard 】
The standard model that concentrates the concept of Brise audio.
Compared with UPG001, the handling has been greatly improved. It aims at the compatibility between sound quality and usability.
The sound quality is characterized by detailed sound output, balance and range.
This basic model fully demonstrates the high level of freshness that is the hallmark of our cables.
It is less unsuitable for the source and is compatible with modern sources that follow high-resolution.
It is the type that paints a sound image with the number of sounds and their fineness rather than asserting itself.

Evaluation of STR7SE

Amount of information【10】 Quietness【10】 High【10】 Mid【10】 Low【10】 Soundstage【10】 Handling【10】
 ※Each item is rated relative to STR7SE(10 points) as a standard. Click here for the criteria for each item.




■Product Name:STR7ーRh2+  【Click here for detailed product page】
■Wire:【 STR7 】  ■Sub-grade【 Rh+ 】
The same wire material as STR7-SE is used, and rhodium-plated plugs are used for special alloy specifications.
Special Model.
The sound is characterized by modern source specialization, and is designed for use with computer music and other radical sources.
Model with improved tracking performance. It is characterized by high speed and outstanding sharpness.
Fine sound particles, with clear grain and contours.
This is the type that depicts a sound image.

Evaluation of STR7-Rh2+

Amount of information【12】 Quietness【12】 High【15】 Mid【11】 Low【12】 Soundstage【11】 Handling【10】
 ※Each item is rated relative to STR7SE(10 points) as a standard. ※Click here for the criteria for each item.




■Product Name:STR7ーRef.  【Click here for detailed product page】
■Wire:【 STR7 】  ■Sub-grade: 【 Ref. 】
The same wire as STR7-SE is used, and an L-type OFC gold-plated plug is used.
BriseAudio's reference model.
Its sonic signature is versatile, with a high degree of reproducibility from orchestral and classical to contemporary sources.
It has a highly textured tone and no genre to struggle with. Even today.
It is an indicator of the product development and sound quality trends of our high quality series.

Evaluation of STR7-Ref.

Amount of information【15】 Quietness【14】 High【13】 Mid【13】 Low【15】 Soundstage【12】 Handling10】
 ※Each item is rated relative to STR7SE(10 points) as a standard. ※Click here for the criteria for each item.




■Product Name:UPG001SE  【Click here for detailed product page】
■Wire:【 UPG001 】  ■Sub-grade: 【 Standard 】
An improved version of Brise Audio's first real production model.
It has both an overwhelming sense of scale and volume.
A long-selling model favored by a wide range of users.
The sound is characterized by dynamic and powerful sound output. This model is characterized by powerful sound with a strong range and a solid structure.
On the other hand, as an earphone cable, it is quite physically hard and difficult to handle, so I strongly recommend you to listen to it after you actually take it in your hands.
This cable is suitable for the system that you feel the shortage of the low frequency range in particular, and it corresponds to a wide range of sources with sufficient follow-up to high-resolution.

Evaluation of UPG001SE

Amount of information【10】 Quietness【8】 High【10】 Mid【12】 Low【15】 Soundstage【7】 Handling【5】

 ※Each item is rated relative to STR7SE(10 points) as a standard. ※Click here for the criteria for each item.




■Product Name:UPG001-Ref.SE  【Click here for detailed product page】
■Wire:【 UPG001 】  ■Sub-grade: 【 Ref. 】

The same wire material as UPG001-SE is used, and gold-plated L-type OFC is used for the plug.
The earphone plugs are also made of high quality special alloy.
This is a reference model that shows the characteristics of Brise Audio.
While retaining the torquey power of the UPG's characteristic torque, this model has been further improved in terms of texture and follow-up to the source. The sound quality is characterized by a sense of quality that is lively but not chaotic.
The sound is characterized by an emphasis on the mid and low range, with a powerful balance in classical sources and a lively sound field rich in power in contemporary sources.
This model is a clear definition of the quality of our high-grade Ref.
It has been an indicator of sound quality trends from the time of its release to the present.

Evaluation of UPG001-Ref.SE

Amount of information【15】 Quietness【12】 High【13】 Mid【15】 Low【18】 Soundstage【9】 Handling【5】

 ※Each item is rated relative to STR7SE(10 points) as a standard. ※Click here for the criteria for each item.




■Product Name:ASUHA  【Click here for detailed product page】
■Wire:【 ASUHA 】  ■Sub-grade: 【 LE 】
Based on the know-how cultivated with the UPG001-8wire and YATONO-8wire, the handling has been greatly improved, and the know-how of the higher-end models has been incorporated into this innovative model, making the most of the characteristics of Brise Audio.
It has both a sense of range and power, and is compatible with a variety of sources. Especially, its balanced reproducibility in large classical sources and orchestras is excellent and its sound quality with a sense of stability is a characteristic of this model.
The overall tendency is for the sound to be calm and not to pierce the ears, even with computer music, making it suitable for long hours of listening. Also, you can expect a stable sound field development with little blur.
Our original plugs are used, and we are proud to offer one of the best cost performance among our lineup at a low cost.

Evaluation of ASUHA

Amount of information【12】 Quietness【12】 High【11】 Mid【11】 Low【13】 Soundstage【12】 Handling【11】

 ※Each item is rated relative to STR7SE(10 points) as a standard. ※Click here for the criteria for each item.




■Product Name:ASUHA-Rh2+  【Click here for detailed product page】
■Wire:【 ASUHA 】  ■Sub-grade: 【 Rh+ 】
The Rh2+ is a specialized model that uses the same wire as the 8-core ASUHA and has a rhodium-plated plug and special processing for Rh2+ in order to emphasize the importance of keeping up with modern day sources such as computer music, thus improving the contour of the sound and its reproduction.
The sound quality is based on the ASUHA, which has a tendency to stabilize the sound quality, and the handling is relatively flexible and easy to handle in spite of the 8-core configuration.
The sound quality is clearer, faster and more responsive than the ASUHA, and is characterized by a sense of speed, which is better suited to the sharpness and power required in live recording and rock music.
We believe that the sound quality is sufficiently good enough to be used for monitor applications as well, with an emphasis on the wide range that is an advantage of the 8-core configuration.
It is different from the other series in that it has a little bit of extension and sharpness
We hope you'll try the sound quality and stability.

Evaluation of ASUHA Rh2+

Amount of information【14】 Quietness【14】 High【16】 Mid【12】 Low【15】 Soundstage【13】 Handling【11】

 ※Each item is rated relative to STR7SE(10 points) as a standard. ※Click here for the criteria for each item.




■Product Name:ASUHA-Ref.2  【Click here for detailed product page】
■Wire:【 ASUHA 】  ■Sub-grade: 【 Ref 】
The ASUHA Ref.2 earphone re-cable uses BriseAudio's original 8-core cable, which is also used in ASUHA and ASUHA Rh2+.
It is the top end of the ASUHA series with maximum attention to sound quality and ease of handling in actual use.
The ASUHA wire has a very high potential for high resolution, low distortion and a wide range.
The BriseAudio reference model uses L-shaped OFC gold-plated plugs.
The sound is clear and wide ranging, and capable of reproducing a wide range of contemporary sources.
The wide range and clear, contoured sound reproduction is one of our benchmarks.
It has a solid core strength and a sense of torque.
It is characterized by a three-dimensional sound image that is easy to capture.


Evaluation of  ASUHA Ref.2

Amount of information【15】 Quietness【15】 High【15】 Mid【14】 Low【16】 Soundstage【13】 Handling【11】

 ※Each item is rated relative to STR7SE(10 points) as a standard. ※Click here for the criteria for each item.




■Product Name:YATONO LE  【Click here for detailed product page】
■Wire:【 YATONO 】  ■Sub-grade: 【 LE 】
The same wire material as the flagship model YATONO is used, and our newly developed original gold-plated L-shaped plug is used for the terminals. This is a high standard model with some of the shielding material made from CNT, a new material, for high sound quality.
The YATONO's basic characteristics of a large amount of information are retained, while achieving a high quality sound with a wide range of source compatibility and a stable bandwidth balance and sound field development.
From vocals to large orchestral pieces, the YATONO can be used in a wide range of applications, from vocals to large orchestras and other sources with a large number of sounds, and the technology and wire materials we have cultivated in the development of the YATONO have been used to create a high-dimensional sound field and a wide range of sound quality with depth and gradation in the mid and low ranges.

Evaluation of YATONO LE

Amount of information【16】 Quietness【14】 High【13】 Mid【14】 Low【15】 Soundstage【14】 Handling【7】

 ※Each item is rated relative to STR7SE(10 points) as a standard. ※Click here for the criteria for each item.




■Product Name:YATONO Rh2+  【Click here for detailed product page】
■Wire:【 YATONO 】  ■Sub-grade: 【 Rh+ 】
Using the same material as the flagship YATONO model, the rhodium-plated plugs and special processing have been used to enhance the reproducibility of the YATONO to keep up with modern day sources.
Based on YATONO's high bandwidth balance and high quality sound, the YATONO delivers a clear sound field that draws the contours of the high frequency range especially in the low frequency range.
The sound quality is characterized by a quick response and speedy response to live music, jazz and other heavy and incisive sources that demand a clear answer.
Compared to the other Rh2+ series, the center of gravity is dramatically lowered and supported by stable sound output, with a high dimensional sound field and clarity.

Evaluation of YATONO Rh2+

Amount of information【18】 Quietness【16】 High【18】 Mid【15】 Low【16】 Soundstage【14】 Handling【7】

 ※Each item is rated relative to STR7SE(10 points) as a standard. ※Click here for the criteria for each item.




■Product Name:YATONO  【Click here for detailed product page】
■Wire:【 YATONO 】  ■Sub-grade: 【 Ref. 】
This is the flagship model completed with the best possible materials and technologies that Brise Audio is proud of at the moment.
Based on the technology developed for the Ref. series, we have developed a new material it as a material specialized for audio, using carbon nanotubes (CNT) , in collaboration with the manufacturer. YATONO adopt this new material.
The ultimate product.
From orchestral and classical music to contemporary sources, it boasts a very high level of reproducibility with no distortion.
It is a standard-bearer of our high-end series and invites you to a new stage of sound.

Evaluation of YATONO

Amount of information【20】 Quietness【18】 High【18】 Mid【17】 Low【19】 Soundstage【16】 Handling【7】

 ※Each item is rated relative to STR7SE(10 points) as a standard. ※Click here for the criteria for each item.




■Product Name:YATONO 8wire  【Click here for detailed product page】
■Wire:【 YATONO 】  ■Sub-grade: 【 Ref. 】
Based on the YATONO, which has received a great response since it was first released, we created a prototype of the YATONO as a prototype to meet the many requests from customers for an 8-core structure. As the current top model in the company's sound field
This is the flagship concept model of the YATONO.
To further enhance the technology used in YATONO, we have doubled the amount of material used to improve range and noise resistance. A new material, carbon nanotubes (CNTs) with a special audio-specific specification, is used to provide a strong sense of structure and an overwhelming amount of information, as well as unshakable bandwidth balance and a vast sound field, all of which is the ultimate in today's technology.
While the CNT is highly compatible with large orchestras, classics and contemporary sources, the demands on the system are quite high, and the CNT is designed to meet the rigorous and accurate demands of your high-end system.
This is the cable that demonstrates the performance and true value of the cable.
Because it is one of the hardest and thickest cables in our company, it is practically impossible to use this cable in the environment where the holding power of earphones including the universal model is weak.

Evaluation of YATONO 8wire

Amount of information【24】 Quietness【22】 High【20】 Mid【21】 Low【22】 Soundstage【19】 Handling【3】

 ※Each item is rated relative to STR7SE(10 points) as a standard. ※Click here for the criteria for each item.