◆Network audio cables NA-LAN As-Is

NA-LAN As-Is" is BriseAudio's original LAN cable developed specifically for network audio sound quality.
The conductor uses a solid-core wire made of high-purity, special single crystal copper.

LAN cables used for sending and receiving digital data are basically loss-free and the data sent and received are perfectly consistent, as long as the cable complies with the standard. Therefore, if there is no difference in the data, there should be no difference in sound quality regardless of the type of cable used. However, there are many reasons that affect the sound quality, and in reality, the sound quality can vary greatly.
At BriseAudio, we have focused on these reasons, and after giving top priority to sound quality, we have achieved a speed that can withstand the transmission of today's high-resolution music data (guaranteed at 10GBASE-T/100m).


◆Network audio cables(LAN) Environment for development and evaluation

 As an environment for the development and evaluation of LAN cables for network audio, etc., we use the
Aurender W20SE
sfz DSP-Vela
and other high-end environments for sound creation and product evaluation to develop lan cables.

 【 Product lineup 】

NA-LAN As-Is 0.5m [ MPN: NALANAS005 ] 
NA-LAN As-Is 1.0m [ MPN: NALANAS010 ] 
NA-LAN As-Is 2.0m [ MPN: NALANAS020 ] 
NA-LAN As-Is 3.0m [ MPN: NALANAS030 ] 
NA-LAN As-Is 5.0m [ MPN: NALANAS050 ] 
NA-LAN As-Is 10.0m [ MPN: NALANAS100 ] 
NA-LAN As-Is 20.0m [ MPN: NALANAS200 ] 
NA-LAN As-Is 30.0m [ MPN: NALANAS300 ] 

The aging period is about 150 to 200 hours to settle down.

  NA-LAN As-Is
Conductor High purity, single crystal copper (Solid-core wire)

CAT 6a

  ※Please note that some specifications may be changed without prior notice for the purpose of product improvement.